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Learning A-Z is always looking for new ways to give access to our resources. From downloadable printable resources, they can take home to projectable resources, they can interact within the classroom. So, we are very excited to announce Science A-Z brand new projectable resources.

To find our projectable resources, go to any unit. Choose a tab at the top of the page. For example, you will use life science and select the grade level and the unit. We select the plants unit. All unit resources are now offered in an interactive projectable format, from the teaching guides and vocabulary cards, the quiz and process activities to the books, quick reads and discussion cards. Under additional teacher materials, you will find projectable Learning A-Z connection, a free Reading A-Z book plus over 150 graphic organizers.
Interactive Projectables on Science A-Z
Beside every resource link, are two icons, clicking on the title of the resource or the first icon will download a PDF file to your desktop that you can print for your students. Clicking the right hand icon, the small screen will download the projectable version. We will click on the low level non-fiction book. You can move forward or backward through the pages by clicking the arrow buttons on either side. The drawing, highlighting, framing and other tools at the bottom can be used on any interactive whiteboard or they can turn any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard without spending thousands of dollars on high-tech equipment.

You can draw using the pen tool. Click on the color block to the right to select the color. Use the pen tool to connect vocabulary with captions and photos. Or switch to the highlighting tool to focus on vocabulary or key phrases. Again, click on the color square to switch colors. Click on the framing tool to focus students attention on particular parts of the page. Then click on another tool to turn off the frame.

The masking tool will let you hide words phrases or pictures to elicit student background knowledge about the topic or review what you have already learned. The stamp tool has six stamp. Click on the lower right corner to let you give student feedback in a fun way. There are hundreds of ways to use these new interactive tools. You might wish to open a graphic organizer while you read the book and have students fill it in together. These are perfect for small group and full class instruction.

You might project the process activity materials and procedures list. So, that small groups can follow along or project the data sheet to gather results from the whole class. The projectable tips on the top right of the screen list a lot of ideas to get you started using Science A-Z projectable. Students and teachers love them. No other curriculum provider offers you interactive projectable multi-leveled science resources for the K to 6 classroom.

We hope you too enjoy using these new tools to connect science and literacy in your classroom.

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