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Raz Kids, an online-based reading resource, provides several types of books for students. The books include leveled books which are in 29 levels of reading difficulty, poetry books, serial books (favorite characters), nursery rhymes and song books. Beside adding knowledge, those types of books are aimed to introduce students to the structures and the parts of each type of the text.

Song books are available in Raz Kids to help students understand rhythm and rhyme same as nursery rhymes and poetry. The melody and beat which are added can make student enjoy their reading activity. Song books in Raz Kids are equipped with highlighted words so that it can encourage them to to sing along.

There are several titles of song books which are available in Raz Kids. They are Circle of Smiles, I Am I, I’m Never Alone (Rap), I’m Never Alone (Song), Lotsa Pasta, Lulo Que Lulo, Oh Navajo Girl, The Rabbit, and Reading Mysteries. Circle of Smiles talks about affection and friendship which are conveyed through smiling. It also teach us that smile is a gift which can share with others. The Rabbit talks about a girl who gets a rabbit for a pet which at the end she finds how to learn the needs that to know to raise a pet. Let’s explain more about one of the song books that is I Am I. I Am I song talks about celebrating the personalities and talents of every child and acknowledge that the emotional ups and downs are part of life which is normal. The song is also completed with powerful images and chorus which is repeated to reinforce the message. Do you want to sing that song? Here are the lyrics.

I Am I Raz Kids Song
I Am I

I am I said I.

            I am me said me.

            I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

            I am I said I.

            I am me said me.

            I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

                        Some days I’m up.

                        Some days I’m down.

                        Some days my head is spinning around.

                        Some days I’m good.

                        Some days I’m bad.

                        Some days I’ll do things that’ll make you mad.

            But I can’t change myself to suit you

            though I know you’d like me to.

            What good would I be if I was just like you

            and you were just like me?

                        I might feel lost.

                        I might feel found.

                        I might feel like just hanging around.

                        I might feel like there is no hope.

                        I might feel like swinging on a rope.

                        I am me,

the best that I can be.

                        And don’t you see,

                        that’s all that I can be.

            I am I said I.

            I am me said me.

            I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

If you want to know about the melody, you can join Raz Kids or listen to youtube for reviewing the song. It is very fun to read in Raz Kids because you will not only read the text but also you can listen to the book, take the quiz, and sing along.

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