How to Use Raz Kids for Parents

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This is an article of how to get started with Raz Kids. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Raz Kids. First, you need to go to your computer and type in you will come to screen that has the Kids Login down here. This is where you log in. Go ahead and click. You will type in teacher username. And then, as you continue to use this site, this will be the screen that will continue to pop up. Your child will pick their name and then type in their password and that will take them right on in.

So, let’s show you an example. We will go ahead and click on a student and type in the password. You have to scroll down to see go and now your screen will look something like space which consists of some planets. On each planet, there is Headsprout in a green planet, Ready Test A-Z in an orange planet, Writing A-Z in a blue planet, and Raz Kids in a purple planet. At the below part, there are also Messages and Star Zone.

Raz Kids is where we want to go. They can explore headsprouts and A-Z Learning as you wish but this is where we are headed. The book room and the reading assignments are the two places that your child can go. The reading assignment will have all kinds of books to read. Just to note that there is a listening portion, a reading portion, and then the quiz. The listening portion will read it to your child.

How to Use Raz Kids for Parents
And this is something that is easy for them to listen, read it and then take the quiz. If you feel that this is easy enough level, you are welcome to encourage your child to just look at the story and read it and then do the quizzes.

The place where they get the most points is when they complete a quiz with the least amount of errors. So, that is kind of the thing that gets them excited we will go ahead and show you where they can get some points. The Star Zone is the place where your child can use those points that they have been earning to build either a rocket and your child can buy all kinds of items to fill this room with or they can go back and choose to build the robot and they can create a robot. This is of course has a lot of options so that they can spend those points at their learning. We hope that you find this resource a great way to help your child find books that are a good fit for reading at home. If you find that your child  is not interested or that the books are too easy or too hard, please feel free to contact the Raz Kids customer service or the teachers which are available there. Thanks and have fun reading.

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