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Now, we would like to explain how our search tools will save your time while helping you find specific resources to meet the needs of every student. We have provided you with a variety of ways you can find resources on our site. You can use our basic search, advanced search, US and Australian state standards, the Canadian province standards, the common core standards or reading series correlations. Let’s click on basic search. Just as a side note, this basic search box is located at the top of every page on the site. By entering a topic, title, or skill, all of the Reading A-Z resources which are related to your keyword will show.

Let’s imagine you are teaching your students about various animals. Type in the word animals. You will see an extensive list of result. Now, let’s narrow your result. You want to use a book between levels D and J. And you would like to use the book to teach the skill of identifying the main idea or details. Now, you will see a few choices. To choose the book or books that you would like to use, you can look at the cover, summary, reading level and if you scroll over the title, you will also see a list of lesson objectives.

How to Search on Reading A-Z
We would like to introduce you to our advanced search feature. Begin by clicking on the box and type in a title, topic, or skill. Now, you will need to decide the type of resource. The leveling system, the range, the theme, fiction or nonfiction, the genre, skill category and the lesson skills. After filling in or choosing options in each field, simply click search and you will see a list of resources that fit your criteria. Another way to find the resources you need is to use our state or province standards for the US, Canada, and Australia.

Begin by clicking on your state or province and the grade level you teach, you will then see all of the standards. And the blue link that will direct you to a list of resources that you can use to teach that standard. For the common core standards, simply click on the grade level you wish to view. You will then see each standard and links to our correlated materials.

And finally, use the reading series correlation search feature to find materials on our site that correlate to various reading series. Simply click on the series used by your school, identify the grade level and then the theme or unit. You will see links to the resources that support the specific skills and strategies taught each week.

It is very easy to use Reading A-Z. Reading A-Z always commit to make teacher and student easy to look for reading resources that can make teaching preparation of teacher become simple. Students also can improve their best reading skill through the books of Reading A-Z which was made based on their level.

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