How to Glitch Raz Kids

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Using Raz Kids as your reading resources is very fun. Raz Kids has more than 800 e-books to read and listen. The books consist of leveled books which are in 29 reading levels of difficulty, song books, poetry books, nursery rhymes, and Spanish books. After students read and listen, they are able to take the quiz which is in the form of multiple choices to check reading comprehension of students.

Another thing that is amazing from Raz Kids is that Raz Kids has motivational features. They are Raz Rocket and Robot Builder. You can personalize the robot and the rocket as long as you have enough stars to buy the items. To have many stars, you have to do activities in Raz Kids like reading, listening and take the quiz. Anytime you pass each activity, you will get stars. For practice recording, you will get 10 stars. For listening book, you can get 10 stars. For reading book, you can get 50 stars. For passing quiz, you can get 100 stars. For perfect quiz, you can get 150 stars. For completing assessment,you can get 300 stars. And for completing assignment, you can get 500 stars.

How to Glitch Raz Kids
But how to buy items while you only have a few stars? Is there another way that we can do? Or do we just have to read, listen, and take the quiz again and again so that we can get more stars? Don’t worry because we have another way to do so that you can still buy item without having many stars and without doing many activities in Raz Kids. How to do that? Let’s take a look at the next paragraph.

Now, we are going to learn how to glitch Raz Kids robot stuff. Since you guys want free stuff on robot and we are going to glitch to the stars for the robot, body, arms etc. The reason we are doing it because we can show you how the things you do not understand.

This is the way you can do anytime to get stuff. Let’s get started. Just go to the Raz Kids site and log in to your account like you normally do. Go to the robot builder and all you do actually is buying something that is really expensive, for example you choose feet which need 2500 stars but you only have 410 stars. First, just right click on the stuff and inspect element. And then, all you do is find the price. For example, you choose legs. In the data, it says 2500 and you can change into 0, enter and close it. Then, buy the item. It will still be 2500 but actually you can buy that because you have inspected the element. Then, look at the stars. It will change into -2090. When you refresh the page, it will go to the normal stars. But the items that you buy still be yours. It is very easy, isn’t it? You can try it at home by your computer. Happy trying!

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