Get Your Students Motivated to Write with Writing A-Z

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As a teacher, you know that getting your students to write is important. But you ever feel as though their enthusiasm towards writing assignments looks and sounds more like this: “writing is boring.”, “I don’t like to write”, “I don’t know what to write about”, “There is nothing to write about.”. Avoid the brick wall when it comes to getting your students to write. Engage them in fun but purposeful writing activities to motivate them and create that spark of enthusiasm.

Here are a few example resources from Writing A-Z to try with your students. Don’t you remember how fun it was when you were a kid to receive your own mail? Kids still enjoy this. Teach students how to write friendly emails or friendly letters to send messages to family, friends or pen pals from anywhere in the world and don’t forget to bring in letters you have written and receive to share with your students. Add some flair to a typical journal activity by having students use story cards. Once cut apart the character, plot and setting cards can be arranged in a variety of combination to spark a story starter for students.

Get Your Students Motivated to Write with Writing A-Z
New sets of seasonal cards are added every month to provide writing opportunities that relate to current holidays, themes, and activities. Using the wordless books found under the tools tab, students can write their own version of a select Reading A-Z title. Once completed, the final version of the book could be housed in the school library for other students to read and enjoy the ultimate authors chair experience.

The product of Writing A-Z allows teachers to find resources quickly and provide students with differentiated materials and lessons designed to develop student’s writing skill. Leveled writing lessons and teaching materials can differentiate instruction with a vast collection of materials and lessons which teach students process writing skills and critical emergent. Skill-Building lessons can improve students’ writing skills with resources which stress on individual composition element like conventions, fluency of sentence, choice of word and more. Grammar/word work lessons can develop students’ vocabulary and grammar skills with resources which can help them utter a clear and concise written message. Instructional support serves additional writing support with a collection of activities and tools which is designed to aid enhance student learning. E-Learning student tools serve opportunities which are interactive for students to practice and develop writing skill and complete online essays and assignments. The last one is digital reporting. Digital reporting is able to track individual and class-wide writing progress and assignments activity quickly to decide the needs of future instruction.

Writing is an essential skill needed throughout life. Motivating students to write can be challenging. But it is also attainable through fun but purposeful activities like those offered on Writing A-Z. If you are interested in joining with Writing A-Z you just have to pay $89.95 and you can get so many resources and assignments which can make your students good at writing.

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