Creating Rosters in Raz-Kids

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So, we are going to describe how to create your Roster in Raz Kids. First, click your teacher icon at top of the page and log on. After you logged in, you have to make sure that you are in Raz Kids not Vocabulary A-Z or Reading A-Z. Then, click link Roster and you are going to click Add A New Student if you want to do them one at a time or Multiple Students if you want to do the several students.

Type in the first name, your last name and choose your child reading level. If you are not sure the reading level, click the standards and figure out which level and lexile and fix your classroom. You can enable the Book Room which is all the books, Raz Rocket which is the incentive and On Your Own which is the ipad version which must be checked. You can start with all three checks. Then you can choose a student icon and from there you can choose add a password. Once you add a password (for example you choose a lizard), the child will have to put in the lizard to be able to get on. Also you can add the parents email and then click Add New.

If you don’t want to do one at a time, then you have to click Roster and add multiple students. When you add multiple students, you can simply put the first name, last name and the reading level. With this option, you have to go back to add the password. Otherwise, there will be no password for the students. So, let us just add a couple students here. So, you can see where they come from. So, let us add just a few more students here and making sure that we have the appropriate grade levels. When we are done with those students, we are going to click add new and you can fill in up to 36 students here. Once you are done, you will see the list is populated with your new students. You can click Personalize Students Log On Cards and it will make a PDF. It shows each of your students and their icons with the passwords if they have passwords. You can print this out and give the card to the students either for the lab or home. You can also click Letter to Parents. Letter to Parents allows you to quickly create a letter for each student. When you print them out, that have all the information for the parents including how the parents can register themselves to be able to monitor their students Raz Kids usage.

If you come back to the Roster now and we log out, we will be back to our classroom and you will see that there are new students in it. We may go back to the teacher section because we want to show you where you can make sure the students last name does not show up underneath the rosters. We are going to go quickly to Raz Kids tab and then the Roster tab. Scroll down to the bottom. There is a little check box that says only display last name on student login chart. Then, click Log Out. So, now the students can start to use Raz Kids.

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