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Common Core State Standards Assessment will require students to apply learning in more complex ways. This will help students to better prepare for both college and career. The criteria for these assessments of Common Core ELA will cover an intense focus on the close examination of texts, complex literary and informational reading mastery, the capability to conclude meaning from what is read, the capability to answer text-dependent questions and build arguments with evidence from text.

Students will be required to demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge within subject areas, cite evidence from the text in support of answers and use technology to answer certain questions. The kinds of the formats in assessment will be added from traditional state testing items such as multiple choice questions to also include performance tasks, technology items, and constructed responses. Many of these new tasks will require students to carefully articulate their answers and supporting evidence about the text via writing. Reading A-Z leveled readers provides students with opportunities to read over 1200 complex texts at 27 different levels. Each book is accompanied by comprehension quiz with text dependent questions and quizzes at level C and above also include at least one extended response question.

Common Core Assessments
Extended response questions demand students to answer and writing an open-ended question using sound reasoning. Reading A-Z also provides teachers with benchmark books, passages and running record at every level to determine the developmentally appropriate reading level for each student and to monitor progress.

Raz Kids has nearly 400 leveled e-books that can be read, listened to, and recorded by the students. Each book is accompanied by an e-quiz with quiz results and skills missed reported to the teacher. Raz Kids also features a three-part benchmark assessment with an accompanying running record. These assessments allow educators to progress monitor and measure student performance on a regular basis. Reports for both assessments are available to educators. With a subscription to both Reading A-Z and Raz Kids, students will have access to over 1200 e-books. Each of these books are accompanied by a comprehension quiz that encourages students to go back into the book to identify evidence that supports their answers to assessment items. Students will also be able to access alphabet, decodable, poetry, song, and nursery rhyme books to practice foundational skill. Vocabulary A-Z provides teachers with access to more than 13000 words and a comprehensive list of academic vocabulary words for grades 1 to 5.

Using any of the words on the site, teachers can create a customized five-day lesson plan with activities to teach and reinforce vocabulary. After multiple exposures to a set of words, teachers can create cumulative assessments to determine progress, achievement and further instructional need. Science A-Z provides teachers with access to hundreds of resources for the domains of life science, earth science, physical science and processes of science.

Each unit within the science domains contains a comprehensive unit quiz to test the students understanding and progress. Discussion cards and investigation packets for several units provide an opportunity for teachers to conduct informal assessments while promoting critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

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