Common Core and Raz Kids

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There is Raz Kids which is a great reading resource that can help student in improving their reading skill. As the part of Learning A-Z, Raz Kids has certain standards in arranging the books for students so that the students will enjoy the books based on their level. That is Common Core State Standards.

One guiding principles of the recently released Common Core State Standards for English language art is that the students need to be able to read understand and respond to increasingly complex informational texts. If they are to be successful in secondary and post-secondary education at Learning A-Z, we fully support that view which is one reason why more than half the books on Raz Kids are nonfiction informational texts. As you know, students experience Raz Kids books in the listening mode which models fluency and is enhanced with sound effects and animation or the reading mode where the students read the online book to themselves with some vocabulary of support. In the reading mode, students can record the book to demonstrate fluency. A foundational skill in the reading standards calls for students to read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.

Common Core and Raz Kids

Raz Kids encourages students progress in fluency and comprehension by using the full potential of the listening, reading, and recording function and each book interactive quiz. We want to show you using the level S of 3rd grade book Penguins as an example. How the media of Raz Kids format directly correlate with several other Common Core Standards for reading informational texts and for speaking and listening.

The reading standards for informational text K5 call for students to interpret information presented visually, orally or with animation and explain how these features help them understand the text. One of the speaking and listening standards for K5 similarly calls for students to identify the main ideas and details in text read aloud or in text that include visual and oral features. Correlating with these standards, Raz Kids offers a unique opportunity to question students about the impact and influence of the added sound effects, music, photos and video on their own understanding of penguins and their interpretation of the author’s point of view. For example, in addition to appreciating authentic sound of penguins chirping, students might comment that the globe animation shows the location of penguins habitat as they relate to familiar parts of the world making the standard map that follows easier to understand.

The common Core State Standards set out the competencies grade by grade that prepare students to be independent literate individuals who are equipped for college and careers. At Raz Kids, we share the goal of literacy for all students. Hopefully, this example that is shown here will be useful as you continue to use Raz Kids in your classroom. Remember that Raz Kids is not only a great resource for substantially increasing students reading proficiency and comprehension but through the unique classroom management system students progress is automatically tracked with several types of individual and class report.

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