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Vocabulary which is linked to comprehension has been firmly established. The Common Core State Standards include vocabulary instruction and reinforcement. The vocabulary standards focus on comprehending phrases and words, the relationship and context meaning, the nuances, and how to get new vocabulary, especially general academic and domain-specific phrases and words.

Common Core to find academic vocabulary words as the words that are traditional used an academic dialogue and text. These words off to replace less complex familiar words with words that students are most likely to see here and use in their academic and career related experiences. For example, rather than using ‘watch’, students can use ‘observe’. Academic vocabulary also includes words that help students oral direction and classroom instructional dialogue. These words help students to comprehend text across all content areas including math, science and social studies.

Common Core Academic Vocabulary
Vocabulary A-Z provides teachers with the resources they need to teach vocabulary including academic vocabulary. Organized by grade levels one to six, each common core academic vocabulary list contains a collection of great appropriate words that are critical to understanding the concepts and content being taught in today’s classroom. And there are encountered in more complex text.

Teachers can select words from these lists to create a variety of customized lessons that address, support, and implement the teaching of academic vocabulary. Reading A-Z has over 1200 books at 27 levels of difficulty spanning several contents areas and genres. Common Core lesson supplements on Reading A-Z, a company over 200 leveled books at level G and above and feature academic vocabulary words important to discussing the skills and concepts associated with each book.

The content area of science relies heavily on academic vocabulary. Throughout the thousands of resources on Science A-Z, students read and use important words such as ‘analyze’, ‘predict’, ‘estimate’, ‘control’ and ‘measure’. They study cycles, structures, patterns, and systems. Each science unit includes a vocabulary list which blends key academic vocabulary with content specific terms. Students use these science words throughout the unit as they read, write, discuss and do science.

Beside Reading A-Z, there are the other products of Learning A-Z which support teaching of Common Core State Standards Academic Vocabulary such as Science A-Z, Headsprout, and Vocabulary A-Z. Science A-Z is the area of science which is full of specialized vocabulary. Every resources in Science A-Z include academic vocabulary which can be used to teach the terms in context. Headsprout in early reading lesson, the words are integrated to the reading comprehension activity. It also includes explicit instruction in words of vocabulary and strategies to get the meaning of words from the surrounding context. Vocabulary A-Z enable teachers to build word lessons in Academic Vocabulary easily. Teachers are able to choose up to 12 Academic Vocabulary words and produce a lesson plan for 5 days with an end-of-week assessment.

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