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Raz Kids can be a good partner for learning. Raz Kids has more than 800 e-books which can be read or even listened by the students. After they listen and read the book, they are able to take the quiz to check their understanding of their reading and listening activity. And there is an awesome thing of Raz Kids. If students complete each of activities such as reading, listening or taking the quiz, students will get the stars. What are the stars for? Students can use the stars for buying items.

There are Raz Rocket and Robot Builder in Raz Kids. So, those stars that have gotten by the students can be used to purchase items for personalizing their rocket and robot. Raz Rocket and Robot Builder are good things to motivate students so that they will come back again and again to read, listen and take the quiz to get more stars. Parents can also check their child progress by logging in to Raz Kids. They also can ask to be sent an email regularly about their child progress. So, parents are able to know how far their child have read, their quiz score, and so on. Even for making it easier, Raz Kids is available in mobile app. The app which called Kids A-Z can be downloaded for free on smartphone or tablet so that everyone can easily use Raz Kids wherever and whenever they are.

Change Your Password in Raz Kids
Teachers in Raz Kids is in charge of giving assignments to the students based on the students level. They also will receive the reading record from the students. So, teachers will listen to the students reading whether students do it right or not. Teachers can make Raz Kids as reading resources for students individually or even for their class. Teachers from school can make Raz Kids as a fun reading activity in their classroom to help them to improve students reading ability. Not only reading ability, students will also get the other advantages of using Raz Kids. Good pronunciation, good listening ability, good knowledge about types or genre of books will also be gotten by students because Raz Kids is designed to make students get their success by providing leveled books in any kinds of types and also in any kinds of activities. Teacher can get access to Raz Kids by using their username and password. But, if there is something happen, can we change the password? If yes, how to change the password?

First, you go into Raz Kids. Then, you log in and you are going to click on “My Account”. Next, you select “Profile”. After that, scroll down and you are going to type your new password on “Login Information”. After typing your new password, retype that. Next, you are going to click on “Update Account Information”. And that’s it, you are done! Using Raz Kids is very easy even for changing the password. Do not forget to download Kids A-Z app on your smartphone!

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