Raz Kids Login

Nowadays, we often find that kids are so interested in playing gadget. Even, they are so addicted to play it either for playing their favourite games, searching or the other activities that they can do by their gadget. Sometimes, their concentration is also distracted by their habits in playing gadget. But now, there is a learning website that will provide kids to help them in learning process and it can be done in their gadget. That is Raz-Kids. What is Raz Kids? What can we do by using that? How to do Raz Kids Login? Do not worry, we will explain the information here for you.

Raz-Kids is a product of teaching that can help kids in learning process. Raz-Kids provides comprehensive reading resources based on level. The resources are available in hundreds of ebooks that consist of 29 levels difficulty of reading.  They are able to access reading by this interactive learning portal. It is made to make the kids motivated an engaged. The ebooks is practice because it consist of two forms. They are online and mobile formats. The students are also can do the other activities like listening, reading at their own pace, recording themselves reading, and take the test to check their comprehension. It is very fun because the text also is completed by interesting pictures that will not make you bored in reading the text. How to do Raz Kids Login? Calm down, we will explain it in this text.

Raz Kids Login
After reading the text, the students should take a corresponding eQuiz that will measure their comprehension with a given answer response and then, they will be guided to decide their next instruction needs. If the kids have read more than ten ebooks and passed the eQuiz, then they can go forward to the next level which is lengthier and more difficult. It will very good for the kids, because they will be able to know their comprehension about the text that they have read.

How to login to the Raz Kids? To do the Raz Kids Student Login is very simple. Make sure that you have registered as a member or you can try a free trial for 14 days. First, of course you have to visit www.raz-kids.com. Second, click member login. If you are not a member and you want to try free trial, you have to register by clicking Free 14 Day Trial. Then, you have to fill in a short form so that the website can set up the username and the password. If you have had username and password, you can log in to the website and you can access to Raz-Kids during 14 day trial.
If you have registered as a member:

  1. You can visit Raz-Kids.com
  2. Then, click Kids Login
  3. Click the symbol above your name
  4. Then, enter your student Password

Is it easy right? So what are you waiting for? Come and join to the website. Because by joining here you can get a lot of benefits and of course the easiness of learning.